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redquills amd koopman blue

Posted by borderlinefowl on January 27, 2013 at 9:15 AM

dessertfowl Jan. 27, 2013 03:15:27

can't thank you enough, I am proud to have these (quills} on my yard, made two families, and they are above average birds in our type shows, good pure and cross well with my hatch families. The koopmans I believe would have done real good if not better, but I lost the stag and one hen the first season and only have one hen that I use to infuse with my blues, she throws good show crosses for me every year on just about anything on my yard, bot I am yet to get a toppy from her, she is the spangle one you sent me she is not toppy but I think she is pure. thanks again for helping me improve my yard Kevin, God bless you and all your family. YFiS Joseph, Desrtfowl Farms.

borderlinefowl Jan. 26, 2013 20:11:26

how did they turn out for u

dessertfowl Jan. 26, 2013 02:12:51

sir I got some of your koopman and a young quill pair about five years ago or more and also got some from blackhammer farm at about the same time I am in Nevada

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